A huge harvest of tumbling tomatoes. A wall of lettuce. Armfuls of herbs. All from your balcony, deck, or porch!

Imagine sitting in a haven surrounded by grapes, tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, and fresh herbs.

From a few pots on your fire escape ... to a lush deck or balcony full of buzzing bees and the sweet scent of flowers ... to an entire orchard on your roof: The possibilities for growing fruits and vegetables off the ground are endless — even if you live in the heart of the city or suburbs.

Now you can enjoy delicious, organic produce every day of the year. It's easy, with the tried-and-true secrets, projects, and "green thumb" tips you'll find on every page of The Edible Balcony, a gorgeous and inspiring new book by noted small-space gardener Alex Mitchell.

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  • Create a scarlet-runner bean tunnel: What a beautiful space saver! And much easier than you think! Complete step-by-step how-to is on page 92 of The Edible Balcony.
  • Grow up! When you haven't got a single inch of floor space, think vertical! With some plastic guttering and a few other simple supplies, you can create a cascade of lettuce for months and months of fresh salads. Page 72. (Keep your seedlings nice and moist with the gentle homemade watering can you'll find on page 68. Very smart!)
  • One of the prettiest containers you'll ever see: marigolds and ... carrots? Wait until you see how lovely those feathery fronds look against marigolds' bright cheeriness! See page 48. Lots of other unexpected edible/ornamental combinations!
Small space gardening made simply beautiful - and beautifully simple!
Grow beautiful tomatoes like this - on your balcony!
  • For a tumbling waterfall of tomatoes, your best bet is one of the varieties you'll find on page 30. Prefer to use a grow bag for your tomatoes? Then you'll want to see the clever water-saving tip on the same page.
  • Watch your weight! If you have the room, consider raised beds for your outdoor space. So it doesn't get too heavy, keep it shallow and use the potting mix on page 103.
  • Hats off! For a quirky salvaged holder for hanging baskets and climbing vines, start combing flea markets for a hat stand. It looks great and can hold so much, while taking up almost no floor space. Brilliant! Planting instructions, page 64.
  • Feeling blue? When planning your balcony garden, don't forget blueberries! They're four-season beautiful, gloriously prolific, and so carefree. (Plus, up there, you don't have to share them with deer!) The varieties on page 51 are particularly well suited to container gardening.
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